Georgia's Talk


Welcome to my website for my daily podcast, called Georgia’s Talk. My podcast is available on all streaming platforms and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks in advance! This is a working progress and I’m learning as I go so please bare with me. I’ve started Podcasting back in May and now here it is June. I must say I love it so far. It has it good days and bad days I must say. Everyone is on a different Journey. One thing I cant graps is why everyone so willing to pay monthly fees for everything? I’m on an adventure now which is much bigger than I started. I will share alot of my adventures.

I used many free podcatcher’s at the beginning of my journey until I started to narrow it down to which I thought was the best. Little did I know it was a catch 22. Well what do you get for free? I thought well if I work my booty off then everything else will fall into place. Did I have all the wrong info. Never start out working for money which I didnt but I invested much money not looking for a return just yet. Then everything started to have a nice flow and I’m leaning back thinking I got this. Finally I started to watch my Total plays as they started to rise. I’m like I got this I’m at the halfway point. 5/6/2020 The first day I started Podcasting and now you get my point? Still early on but my growth is aboustley flourishing like and flower and then some.

I actually found a Website that lets me do everything and then some that I want to do. Good people you can find ways to do everything free but you must do alot of reasearch and dont let anyone tell you different. Just because they couldnt find it you can!

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