Georgia's Talk


People always seem to let you down time after time but whenever the tables turn on them they come back running. Naw keep that same energy you been having over there where you been. These doors over here are closed tightly. No Caption save a whore over here, lol As I read people post and they seem hurt about being cheated on but the last time I checked they started the game that they wished would end after they got beat at their own game or money ran out and cant Cater no longer. Life always repeat itself. Humans will always let you down time after time but God stays the same threw it all. God awaits because he knows you’ll get disappointed, heartbroken time after time, and shall I keep adding it all up. You get my drift! Your first mind tells you that the person your wasting your time with is no good but you ignore the fact and pretend you dont know this that and the third.

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