Georgia's Talk


God keeps on opening many doors. Ask and you shall receive in the name of Jesus. Won’t he do it! He might not come when you want him to come but he’s always on time. The God I serve is a Mighty God! You speak blessings and blessings shall follow. You speak negative and negativity will follow.

I’m a Boss and God keeps showing me that my Businesses are flourishing. Everyday I wake up and there is a new door of opportunity. Ask and you shall receive. Many say that 2020 is so bad and they want to start 2021 but it’s really what you make of it. This alone time is what the Doctor ordered. No interruptions nor distractions. I’ve just been able to find me and grow.

Remove toxic people from your life period. People that don’t mean you no good. People that pray bad on you. People that are jealous of your growth. You get the picture Good People.

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