Georgia's Talk



Doesn’t really seem completely comfortable being the middle man/woman. Not even being in the middle. In most productive relationships theirs’s not a middle anything. Friendships, relationships, and even marriages.

Example: EX wife/husband is just that part of the past! Never a competition or something a person is steady dragging ongoing. Where they do that at?!

If a person goes into anything halfway you better run because you are most definitely wasting your precocious gorgeous time that you can’t get back.

If a man/woman can’t introduce each other or take the newbie alone every time there’s a function or pick up then that means their still having relations.

Also if a person always slips up and says he/she said this that and third that their Ex is saying be quite, listen, take notes, and slowly walk away. If the kid’s are steady playing match maker that’s a tell it all sign also.

Good People you may add to this and keep it going let’s have fun…

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