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Lil Wayne shares epic video for ‘Funeral’ track ‘Thug Life’

The rapper recently hinted that the next album in his ‘Tha Carter’ series is finished.  

The song, which features Young Money artists Jay Jones and Gudda Gudda, features on the deluxe edition of his recent album, which the rapper shared this year, without any warning in February.  Reviewing ‘Funeral’ upon its release earlier this year, NME wrote: “Some may call the playful immaturity a weakness, but the most successful moments of ‘Funeral’ see Lil Wayne leaning into being a big kid.  

Clorox, the world’s biggest maker of disinfectant cleaning materials, said consumers will continue to see a shortage of its wipes and other products into 2021 because of overwhelming demand during the pandemic.  

Why everyone is talking about Coca-Cola’s new soda

Coke says people working from home need an afternoon pick-me-up

A new niche in Coke’s line-up.  A new sub-category called refreshment coffee.  As people have been in lockdown or … working from home, there’s a real opportunity to get that boost, that little pick-me-up, whether it’s the slump in the afternoon or mid-morning.”  Pepsi announced plans to introduce a similar beverage called Pepsi Café, which comes in two flavors, Original and Vanilla, that are amped up with Arabica coffee.  Coca-Cola with Coffee is already on the international market.  So when Coca-Cola with Coffee launched across more than 25 international markets, including Australia, Italy, Spain, and Thailand in 2019, the company didn’t say whether it would bring the drink to the U.S. but left open the possibility: “I believe that there’s going to be a space for a Coca-Cola With Coffee.” If so, the new drinks could arrive in the U.S. in 2021.

The real reason they took the cocaine out

There’s a reason it’s called Coca-Cola — the soda used to contain cocaine. This isn’t some national secret, although Coca-Cola tends to downplay it. There was a time when the drink was considered medicinal. Dr. John Pemberton put just enough cocaine in his new soda to give you a fix, and it was eventually named Coca-Cola. Coke removed the cocaine in 1903, but if you’re thinking they had to, you’re wrong. The US government didn’t ban cocaine until 1914. So why did Coke jump the gun early? Racism.  Because Coke was so affordable — at around a nickel a bottle — anyone could buy a coke, and that included blacks. Whites feared “negro cocaine fiends” would rape white women, all hopped up on nickel Coca-Colas. Southern newspapers at the time spread the fear by reporting on gangs of black men high on cocaine taking liberties with proper Southern Belles. There is still coca in Coke today; but without the ecgonine alkaloid it’s harmless.  

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