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Juelz Santana is now a free man. The Dip set rapper was released from prison Wednesday, following a week-long delay. Santana’s wife, Kimbella, confirmed the big news minutes before he walked out of the Petersburg Medium Federal Correctional Institution in Hopewell, Virginia. “Juelz was supposed to get released last Tuesday but some shit happened,” she said in a video posted to Santana’s Instagram page. “But we’re outside of the prison now and he’s gonna be released any minute. And I’ll leave it all up to him when he gets out. Stay tuned!”  Santana received a 27-month prison sentence in late 2018 for gun- and drug-related charges. The now-38-year-old rapper fled Newark Liberty International Airport in March of that year after TSA agents discovered a loaded handgun and eight oxycodone pills inside his carry-on. Santana turned himself in several days later. KANAWHA COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — There’s an aluminum can shortage around the country, and beverage companies are linking it to the coronavirus. “Once the pandemic hit, it created a situation where bars were closing down and people were purchasing packaged beer instead of going to the bar and drinking draft beer.  They have about one-third of the inventory in our warehouse that they normally would have.  It’s not just alcohol. Canned soda has been affected as well, with some stores not having the variety they are used to having. This means you might not see your favorite drink on the shelf.  It’s going to create inventory shortages for quite some time. Hail pounds down in Colorado.  The rain started early in the morning while most of us were sleeping.

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