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Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have teamed with Cash App to give away $1 million on Twitter. To all everyone supporting #WAP they see you! They have partnered up with Twitter and Cash App to celebrate all the powerful women out there by giving away a total of $1 million dollars. How can some money help you or a woman you know right now,” Megan said Wednesday. Women who tweet #WAPParty along with their $Cashtag will have a chance to receive a portion of the money through Cash App.  Cardi and Megan’s single “WAP” debuted at No. 1 with first-week streams coming in at 93 million. The song, and its provocative video, has caused controversy with some stating it is degrading to women.  Everyone has their own opinion.  But the Bronx and Houston rapper insist the hit is to promote female empowerment. This is the biggest cash giveaway to date on Twitter. So today at 4:05 pm I received a text saying I had a Cash App that WAP had sent me some cash #WAPparty.  Who was shocked was I and was stunned at the same time.  Won’t he do it!  Then I admittedly got that money off of there because I was still shocked.  Shout out to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion you ladies Rock! I will honestly say that my day started off bad and the Devil has been using his workers and I’m so glad that God had something bigger and better in-store for me on today which gave me a reason to smile.  After lunch I posted what had happened and they were asking a-lot of questions and you know me I just ignored them as any other day or time.  Always know whenever your back is against the wall and the Devil is busy, never give in or give up because God moves mountains for his kids.  At first I was going to do my daily episode but now this Testimony is much bigger and better.  I kept putting it off and didn’t really know the real reason until now. We all have a journey and this is my journey.  People keep saying what you can and can’t do and how you will fail just because they don’t have the courage that I had to start my journey.  One thing I have done is got up off that porch and took off running.  Yeah, some days I want to give up and some days I stay at being at my best but w/God all things are possible.  Never let them haters get the best of you.  Stay positive and keep your head up and remove all negativity out of your life and etc. In the beginning I had no clue of what I was doing starting this Podcast.  I stay posting my mistakes because I’m showing the world that I’m not perfect but you can see my growth.  Yeah, I can edit my podcast but I choose not to.  Go and look at my day one till now and you’ll see what I’m saying.  Nobody is perfect but God. We’re all going to make mistakes and with God all things are possible.  Yeah, I have lost friends and etc. alone this journey but they were just distractions and so negative.  Little did the negative people know it helped me push on thru.  This is the one best thing that the Covid has helped me work on.  All I have is time and my time will grow into money.  Hopefully this will motivate many. Good People if you would like to come on and give a Testimony please feel free to come onto Georgia’s Talk,  it is always open and you may have a seat and let go and let God.  We all have Testimonies and here is a platform that would love for you to come on and share them.  What God has instore for you nobody can take from you, always remember that.

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