Georgia's Talk


Prayer is never easy. We have wandering minds, restless hearts, packed schedules, impatient posture and lack of faith. We get frustrated that often our prayers focus on our needs and ourselves rather that what God cares about. Had a conversation the other day about God. Everyone has their on image of God and thats ok to agree to disagree. That’s when you see and acknowledge one’s faith. Most people have little faith in God due to lost loved one’s are situations that they keep praying for and God havent answered their prayers yet. Stop and think the lost of a love one is between your love one and God. That love one could’ve asked God to stop the suffering and pain, also their duty here on earth is complete. Stop being selfish and make your love one proud.

God doesn’t need our prayers but commands us to pray. Prayer is for our benefit so we can be part of God’s glorious purpose. Prayer does not change what God has ordained to do, but God also promises to work powerfully on our behalf when we pray. God knows the desires of our hearts he is just waiting on us to come on bending knees and ask. Prayer does affect the outcome of our lives, and God works through our prayers to accomplish his purposes. God is many things but put all of your faith in him and not in man. Man will let you down every time. Remember God is a jealous God.

Try applying prayer to your everyday life. Pray in public, before meals, before making important decisions, before and after healing. Then sit back and watch how your life changes tremendously. Prayer is very powerful for those that don’t know. If you have little faith in God please pray and ask God to help you in that area. God will do what you cant do but you have to be willing to meet God halfway. We are all lazy in our own ways but ask God in that area as well.


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