Georgia's Talk


Be content with what you have matters to God. Don’t love money! Money comes and goes but God will never fail you. Do you think of yourself rich, poor, or middle class? That’s how the world wants us to think. God doesn’t want us to think of the way of the world. The Lord instructs us to be free from the love of money so we can love him, love the word and love others. The Lord has made us so rich in him. Today I want you to ask the Lord to help you hide his word in your heart and to reveal to you his perspective, his heart and his ways. Thank the Lord for all of the riches you have been given in Christ. Ask him to increase your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what you have been given. Ask him to show you his perspective of money and riches!

Also, look back at your life and see your growth and be thankful for that. We all have come along way and God isn’t finished with us just yet. Focus on the good and be thankful. What your ungrateful for there are some people out there wish they had it. Please take the time daily to pick up your Bible and start reading it daily. Put it into your daily life as soon as you wake up. If God wakes you daily at 2am, 3am, and your wondering why is that. The reason; It’s quite time to read the word and focus on God and God only.

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