Georgia's Talk


What are you thankful for? Give thanks to God. We all have many things to be thankful for wouldn’t you agree?! Be grateful, the Lord is good. God has forgiveness of my mistakes, he has unconditional love for me. For some odd reason people keep on pointing out when God is angry. What God has done and will do when he’s angry. I keep replaying it and have come up with its no different to what we will do or have done in the past after being mad at someone. We just don’t have the power that God has. We as God children should obey always. There is punishment if we don’t! That’s the part that their forgetting. God is the Father and we are his children.

Develop an attitude of thanksgiving in every situation. Become outrageously thankful and watch as your intimacy with God increases and he pours out greater blessings than ever before. Put aside complaining, being thankful in prayer instead.

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