Georgia's Talk


What have God have rescued you from? It can be an addiction, financial, and just life itself. God has rescued us from many things, even from ourselves at times. All of us are fighting the fight to be Rescued from many things daily! There is no rescue quite like this one. God rescued us from the kingdom of darkness, from an eternity away from him, and brought us into the kingdom of his son, the kingdom of light and love. Some induvial are still fighting to be free. Don’t give up, keep fighting the fight! God will rescue you just trust and believe.

Last week a stranger just walked up to me, it was so weird. She had been watching me for the longest. At times she would wave and she even told me that she would watch me from her window as I’m passing threw working out on my walks. Creeped me out at first, First thing I’m thinking oh Lord this lady has the Covid and she’s trying to give it to me, lol Isn’t that the first thought that comes to mind in 2020?! She went on to say that she had been in a abusive relationship, she had only one child and he had just turned one years old that day. She was lonely and lost. She didn’t have anyone all she does it just stay in the house. That caught me off guard because why did she run out to the street to tell me a totally stranger? Still till this day I don’t understand why. I prayed for her and hope everything works out for the best for her. If your reading this please pray for her and her son. We never know what others are going threw because we judging the outside of each other and not the inside. She needs rescuing from that abusive relationship and I pray that God rescues her from it in the name of Jesus.

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of The Son He Loves. 

Colossians 1:13

We are slaves to sin, blinded by Satan, rebels against God.

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