Georgia's Talk


Have you ever met someone who was so different from everyone else? That would be I, I will dye my hair a wild color, dress crazy, eat different food, a lot of people call me strange because I stand alone and have my own sense of style. I live my life so differently from those around me. I don’t care what others think about me. It is what it is! My main focus is on God number one and my list goes on and on afterwards. I’m very confident in who God say I am. God designed me very uniquely. Try being confident in who God made you to be not the world of what they want you to be. What trait about you that makes you different from everyone else?

Workplace, not one place I’ve worked at but all places that I’ve worked at I have gotten the same results. For one I stand alone, never needed a crowd. I move in silence always have and always will. I’m the only child so that probably has a lot to do with me moving and being alone. I don’t belong to any clicks at work or away from work. Workplace is the funny place ever! Grown people still tend to act like Middle age kids. They group up still and afraid to move alone. Jealously will also have you moving in silence.

Family, is no different. They gear up in groups also which is so funny. At the end of the day aren’t we family? So confusing I would add. I come around whenever I need to because family is the worst. It starts with your parents and work all the way down from there. Your father and mother suppose to be different from the world but when you figure out that their no different then the world. You start to think well dam it’s me against the World. The only person I can trust is God the man above. Wow, shit really starts to get crazier. I know once nobody can use you then their true colors starts to unfold, lol! Stay woke you will start to see…

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