Georgia's Talk


Love can go so many ways but first I must point out Love with Action not just words. It’s easy to say one thing and not mean it. Actions speaks louder than words. Show me that you love me. Loving our neighbors is one. I’m sure when it comes to our neighbors we all have at least one annoying neighbor. I’m just saying lol! In the Bible it states that we should love our neighbors which isn’t always easy at times. I had two neighbors that wasn’t easy to love at first but after Prayer and still showing kindness they finally gave in. One neighbor was trying to run me off I’m sure but I stood my ground dog and all. That’s another story for another day. Now he just stay in his own lane two years later. The other neighbor I cant change but just love them the way that they are but still kill them with kindness.

I try to lighten the people that I love loads but they can also get you in a different situation. Meaning being used or other different situations. When we know someone well, we know when things are going well and when they’re not. The smallest simplest things really helps and goes along way. For example bringing someone dinner knowing that they don’t have the time to cook for themselves. Also if an individual just had a baby watch the baby while they get some sleep. Extend grace. Forgiving those who offend us. God has forgiving us so much. Doing so we’ll be free from harboring bitterness.

Let’s build others up. With our words and actions, we do one of two things-build up or tear down. Our world isnt always a friendly one, so let’s be bringers of good news to the people in our lives. We never know how our kind word or act will change someone’s day-and potentially their future. Let’s find numerous ways to show the people that we love some love. Let’s learn to put others needs in front of our own on a more regular basis. There is no greater love than when we set ourselves aside and do something for someone else. Love!

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