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Lies are only the truth until they are challenged!! @hunterpublishinggroup we hope to @some point clear up ALL the inconsistencies and nonsense floating around in the world today…In the meantime I’m proud and honored to be part of @soniaalleyne’s journey and this POWERFUL piece of work she has created. Definitely what’s needed for us in these trying times. pls get your copies @barnesandnoble @amazon @hunterpublishinggroup 📚thanks in advance. KNOWLEDGE IS KING & HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Well let’s see who is telling the truth. Seems like to me Mr. Kevin prays on women and ride the wave of their success. Weak ass women or women that need the help to become successful but what goes around will come back around! In that order sis!

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WendyWilliams #soniaalleyne #Barnesandboble #amazon

Kevin Hunter

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