Georgia's Talk


At some point in our lives, we have all said something we wish we hadn’t. For some of us, this has happened more than often than we’d like to admit. Something as hurtful as lashing out against a friend or loved one. In the social media age, offensive joke or an angry, unfiltered comment in a Facebook post that once its out there even if we delete it someone has screen shot it. Even it’s still out there no matter if we deleted it.

Going forward let’s try not to be hurtful, let’s control our tongue, let’s share goodness. Your mouth and tongue are so powerful! Have you noticed what you speak you speak into existence? Start paying attention. If that’s so why not speak greatness, good things comes to pass, practice it daily. Ask God in prayer for help and guidance in this area. Start saying this two shall pass in bad situations. We will over come this Pandemic!

This summer I will be working Full-Time for myself, my Business will grow, I will be making millions, my Talk Show will change lives, I won’t be working for anyone else no more, and God will show me the way and use me.

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