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Keyshia Cole shows off her new boo! Keyshia Cole has a new love interest! Keyshia shared  pictures and videos to her Instagram story, hinting that she found love. Man I know the feeling when you’re in love and wanting the world to know but just don’t want to jinx it. So you tease the world a little, lol When you find someone that matches your energy, it just feels amazing and you go a little crazy in love and wanting the world to see and know who is behind making you smile and blush like crazy. Keyshia also shared a video of her holding hands with a man. She didn’t show his face. And I get it. Timing is everything! Everyone has an opinion that doesn’t even matter to Keyshia at this point. Why can’t everyone just be happy for others happiness… They’re going to be together regardless. 

Having someone that matches your energy is so cool and fun but hits are different and very hard to express. You don’t find that often at all. You just complete each other and you don’t ever want to leave that person. Hoping that the feeling is mutual in most cases it never is and about time it catches up it is too late or just on time. Yeah, she has been in several relationships and hasn’t found her ever after which she deserves and every woman wants. I’m sure she’ll find love and happiness and ever just can’t give up. Let’s cross our fingers that this is the one…

keyshia cole meme
Keshia Cole and mystery man

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